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No appointment tattoo

Have you visited Prague and want to get a tattoo right away? We have a solution for you! Our studio offers you the option of a tattoo without a prior appointment. Come to us and get your tattoo right away and while you wait. Our experienced artists will be happy to help you and create a tattoo for you exactly according to your ideas. Without the stress of ordering, you can enjoy a unique tattoo experience with us right in Prague.

Instant Ink, Your Pick!

Walk in tattoos in Prague


The immediate option is perfect for those who want a small to medium tattoo that we can complete in one session.

You can choose from any motifs you can find on the internet - either on Google, Pinterest or you can also be inspired by our own tattoos in the gallery as well as the catalog of motifs in the studio. From minimalistic symbols and abstract forms to floral motifs and intricate geometric patterns and small artistic details.

If you are interested in another unique addition to your personal tattoo collection, the immediate option is ideal for you. We'd love to hear your ideas or look at a reference image you submit.

Personalized Care, Expert Artistry

Tattooing is a lifelong affair. Choose experts for a perfect result.

  • Personal approach: We consider each customer unique and try to provide individual approach and care.

  • Professional artists: Our talented tattoo artists are full of experience and ready to create unique works for you without unnecessary delays.

  • Speed: Forget about long waits. We will fulfill your wishes immediately.

  • The style is yours: We allow you to choose from a wide range of styles, from traditional motifs to modern designs, to suit your imagination and taste.

  • Hygiene in the first place: The safety and health of our clients are a priority for us. We take care of the highest standards of hygiene and perform all procedures with the utmost care.

  • Highest quality inks and materials: We use only the best materials to ensure lasting and safe results.

Tattoo price

Already have an idea of your new tattoo? Contact us and we will provide you with an instant estimate!


With us, the price of waiting for a tattoo without ordering is not set in advance. The price depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the design, the amount of detail, the colors used and the size of the tattoo, all of which can also affect the skin type. Our tattoo artists will be happy to provide you with a preliminary price estimate, which can be adjusted according to specific needs and wishes. You can get the best and most accurate tattoo price calculation during a personal visit to our studio.

The basic price for a tattoo starts from CZK 1,500 (60 EUR, 65 USD)

This price includes all necessary materials as well as all tattoo care supplies.


To determine the price more accurately, send us a picture or photo of the tattoo and arrange a personal consultation with us.