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Place for tattoo

Choosing a place on the body is a very important part of choosing a tattoo. Not all spots on the human body are suitable for quality tattoos. In addition, it is worth considering how the tattoo will appear in the selected location. Let's take a closer look at the process of choosing a tattoo site.

Influence on social life

You can have your tattoo applied to any part of your body. Many people put their tattoos where they can be clearly visible at first sight. However, be sure to consider its advantages and disadvantages carefully before you decide the particular location.

Being able to see a tattoo at first sight has the advantage – you can boast it to everyone - but how does your employer take it? Aren't you going to have to mask tattoos at social events? So a lot of people will eventually decide for parts of the body that can only be seen occasionally or minimally.


The very essential thing about choosing a tattoo is pain. It's a bigger topic and that's why we wrote an article “Pain” about it.

Fingers, palms, feet

Some parts of human body are just not suitable for tattoos. Due to the different skin structure in these places, the tattoo pigment either does not hold or is being smudge. All pictures of quality tattoos in these places are fresh or just after healing. In just a few months, instead of a quality tattoo, you'll have a spot or just a part of the original picture. We have prepared for you a few pictures of healed tattoos in these body parts.

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