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Alex Horimasa

Irezumi tattoo, Japanese tattoo, Traditional tattoo, ...

Location & Certification: Prague, Czech Republic.

Life story

My name is Alexey, and I have been doing Japanese tattoos since 2009. I was born on the Far East of Russia, on the Chinese river called Heihe, which can be translated from Chinese as “The Black Dragon river”. I have been drawing since I was a small kid. My life brought me to Japanese tattoos when I had moved to Vladivostok, where I then met Chinese artists tattooing traditional motives. They took me under their wing and shared their experience and knowledge, which were given to them by their fathers and their farther‘ fathers. When I gathered all I could from them, I moved to the central part of Russia and started to work with the top tattoo artists of the country. After getting several awards on tattoo conventions, I decided to move to Europe to develop my skills. I have been working in France, Finland, Czech Republic and many other countries till finally I took my place among the artists of Black House Tattoo.

What I do now

At the moment I work in a fantastic tattoo studio with a fantastic team. My goal is to tell the world about the traditional Asian tattoo. I also work on huge canvases, take part in art exhibitions and just enjoy my life. If you are interested in a traditional Asian tattoo, you gotta go to me directly! I like to draw Far East fauna, seas, waves, animals, demons, theatrical masks and all that connected to that. Please, check out my portfolio and find something you would love to get for yourself!

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