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Anastasia Freneza

Aquarelle tattoo, watercolor tattoo, illustrative color tattoo, ...

Location & Certification: Prague, Czech Republic

Who is Freneza?

Tattoo artist Freneza is a successful project of our studio. For the third year, we have been sharing with this gifted artist the many years of experience of our studio artists and many guest artists. The combination of a natural talent, hard discipline and highly experienced and enthusiastic trainers made from her a professional tattoo artist extremely fast.

What is she tattooing?

Today, Freneza is tattooing wonderful pieces of art from subtle minimalist graphics to shaded realistic images. She is great in thin, fine lines, ornaments, colorful miniatures, quote tattoos, traditional tattoos, fine shading, dotwork and much more!

Personal view on tattooing

Tattoo is a very personal thing that also serves as a decoration for a person. That’s why I always try to find a balance between the meaning of a tattoo and its artistic value. I love my job and I like to talk to people, I believe it helps me a lot to figure out exactly what the client expects from me, so I can make him the best offer with all my skills.

Repairs and overlays of old tattoos

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