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Anastázie Pine

Graphics and illustration.

Location & Certification: Prague, Czech Republic.

My name is Anastasia Pine. I am an artist and illustrator, and when I expanded my interests in art, I entered the tattoo industry, where I have been working since 2017. I paint in oil, acrylic, draw graphics and digital illustrations and have won awards in international European artist competitions.


In tattooing, I am most attracted to the depiction of living nature, especially animals and plants, as well as art objects, paintings and sculptures. I work mostly in black and white. I do microrealism, sketch tattoos, miniature realistic tattoos and author's new school. I try to bring elements of humor and light enthusiasm into my designs, as well as surrealism and absurdism. I love smooth lines and I can draw any sketch for you, including directly on your body (freehand), so that the tattoo perfectly follows the lines of your body and becomes a harmonious part of it.

Preparation for the session:


  • To make our joint work easy and pleasant for both of us and to save you from unnecessary stress, I can offer you a short guide on how to prepare and what to expect so that the session is not a surprise for you.

  • Come to the session well rested, with a hearty lunch in your stomach, in a good mood and in good health. Do not come if you are unwell or sick - be respectful of yourself and others, no one wants to be infected. If you are leaving and have no other option to arrive at the session, please come wearing a mask. It is also not recommended to get a tattoo if you are taking antibiotics, as these drugs lower your body's defenses and can complicate healing. Do not take blood thinners (e.g. Aspirin) unless it is part of your treatment prescribed by a doctor, as you may bleed excessively during the session, which would reduce the quality of the tattoo.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol the day before and during the session.

  • Come in clean, comfortable clothing that allows easy access to where the tattoo is to be placed, or bring a spare. Prefer dark or older clothes that you won't regret if they get stained with paint. Avoid wearing your favorite white dress if you're worried it might get dirty.

  • If you have long hair, don't forget to take a rubber band or clip.

  • Bring a snack, favorite drink and sweets to the session. For entertainment, don't forget to bring headphones to watch a series on your smartphone or read a book. Please note that I may not be able to chat with you during the session as I have to focus on work. Please do not call during the session, it could distract me and the other artists.

  • In most cases, I don't draw sketches in advance to avoid wasting time, as clients sometimes change their minds right before the session. If I do a sketch right before applying the tattoo, the sketch is free. But if you only want sketches without tattoo application, the price is CZK 2,000 per hour.

  • It is advisable to come to the session with a clear idea of what you want. It is important that you have at least a basic idea of the tattoo, its size and style. If you require a portrait of your pet, it is essential to bring a high-quality photo of it. A high-quality photo is best taken outdoors or in daylight. Place the camera at the level of the animal's head, choose a suitable angle and take a picture. If for some reason you can't take a new photo, don't worry, bring the best available photos that I can use to draw a portrait.

  • Please note that I do not do microrealism on areas such as ribs, abdomen, chest and back, because the skin in these places is very elastic and the pigment tends to melt more than usual, which could affect the quality of the tattoo. Furthermore, the tattoo must not be applied to damaged skin, with scars, fresh bruises or skin affected by eczema. If you have skin problems or other health limitations, I recommend consulting your doctor first. I do not tattoo people under the age of 16.

How the session works:


  • When you arrive for your session, the receptionist will ask you to fill out a form and take a seat. I will then call you to discuss your desired design.

  • Then I start working on the sketch. You can have a coffee and something sweet while you wait. There is a toilet at the end of the corridor.

  • As soon as the sketch is ready, I will show it to you. If you are happy with the sketch, I will print several sizes and you will choose the most suitable one in front of the mirror. If not, we will make the necessary adjustments.

  • Then I prepare the workplace and carry out disinfection. Only you are allowed to enter the tattoo room unaccompanied. Before we start, we disinfect the skin, shave the hairs, apply a special gel and make a transfer to the body. You can then check the placement of the tattoo in the mirror. If everything meets your expectations, we will start with the tattoo application. During the session, you will lie in a comfortable position, most often on a lounger.

Art and illustration

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