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Piercing in Prague


Welcome to Black House Tattoo!

Piercing by us is based on a modern approach to piercing both from the point of view of hygiene and aesthetics.


✓ Specializing in high quality jewelry

Our studio specializes in biocompatible titanium jewelry according to ASTM F-136, F-148 and F-1295 standards, ensuring the highest possible quality and safety for our clients. We offer exclusive collections from the world's leading piercing jewelry brands such as Inari, Neometal, and Industrial Strength, as well as gold jewelry from Junipurr and Norvoch among others.


✓ Professional and safe environment

Each tool, needle and jewelry is individually sterilized for each client, the air in our studio is purified by UV technology. We are committed to the highest hygiene and safety standards.


✓ Continuous education and development

Our piercers regularly educate themselves through online and offline courses, workshops and participation in international piercing conferences, ensuring the latest practices and trends in the industry. As members of the global piercing community, we share and promote its values.


✓ Experience and client care

  With more than 10,000 satisfied clients and years of experience, we provide continuous support and care during piercing healing.


✓ Open every day

With three experienced piercers, we are ready to welcome you every day and accompany you on your way to a unique expression.

Types of piercings we perform


In our studio, we perform most existing types of piercings, except for extreme piercings. On the page of each type, you will find all the details regarding that type of piercing, including the price. Click on the type of piercing you are interested in for details:

Druhy piercingů

The price of a piercing


Our pricing structure is transparent and includes three basic components:

  • piercing procedure price

  • the price of the jewelry

  • the price of the post-piercing care product.

You can find a detailed price breakdown on the page of each type of piercing or all together here:

Price list of jewelry for piercings


For now, we only sell jewelry upon personal collection in our studio. However, you can preview most of the jewelry in our jewelry gallery here:

Caring for piercings


Caring for different types of piercings can vary. Detailed information can be found on the pages dedicated to individual types of piercings.

How to prepare for a piercing?


Before you set out to get a new ear piercing, nose piercing or anything else, you need to prepare for it. You can find detailed information on the pages dedicated to individual types of piercings.

Safety and sterility


We not only comply with the necessary hygiene standards set by the Hygiene Station of the City of Prague, but we also strive to ensure maximum safety during the procedure. Sterility is not just a word for us, but the essence of our work. We use:

  • Sterile disposable piercing needles

  • Sterile tools

  • Sterile jewelry made of titanium or gold - we sell the latter according to orders)

  • Sterile gloves

  • Sterile cotton swabs and dressing material, etc.

Examples of our work 

Here are some examples of piercings done in our studio. You can find more examples of piercings in specific places on the pages of the pages dedicated to individual types of piercings.

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