Are you interested in high-quality piercing in Prague?

You are on the right place. In out tattoo and piercing studio Black house tattoo (Prague) we do different types of piercings and microdermals, except men intimate piecing, surface piercing, extreme piercing (for exapmple, uvula). We maintain not only hygienic standards, given by Hygienic Station of Prague, but also we afford to provide maximum safety before, during and after piercing procedure. Sterility is not just a word, but determination of our working process. We use:

  • Sterile/disposable piercing needles

  • Sterile/disposable clamps

  • Sterile titanium/gold jewelry

  • Sterile cotton buds, gazes etc.

Piercing prices (with basic titanium jewellery):

  • Piercing (except lobe): 750 kč

  • Lobe piecing: 550 kč

  • Piercing downsize: 100 kč

  • +100kč – simple white flat crystal

  • +200 kč – gem, claw-set gem

  • +250 kč – opal, stone

  • +500 kč – cluster

  • Microdermal: 900 kč – classic microdermal without gem or classic white gem

  • 2 microdermals with/without gem: 1500 kč

  • Microdermal removal: 200 kč

  • Microdermal cleaning: 100 kč

  • Piercing problems consultation/solution: 0 – 200 kč

  • Despite basic titanium jewelry we offer also different gems, opals, different shapes as hearst, feathers, stars etc. Made of titanium or gold. Price of such jewelries begin with 700 CZK till 5000 CZK with the piercing procedure. More information you can get here:

  • We do not offer black line jewellery, neither we do piercings with your own jewelry (exception is possible, if it is proved titanium or gold, but even in this case you are taking risks about potential problems)


Types of piercing that we perform

Before you decide to get some of your body parts pierced you need to prepare:

1) Read the contraindications, if you had some:

  • discuss it with your therapist

  • wait until you will better

  • in case you have any serious disease – choose any other type of body modification

The contraindications are: Hepatitis B, HIV, inflammations, infections, circulatory disorders, strong allergic reaction, epilepsy, menstruation, diabetes, skin diseases, warts and moles on the area of piercing implantation, a predisposition to keloid scarring, pregnancy, lactation, Quincke’s edema, glandular therapy, cold.

If you do not have any contraindications and you are older than 18, you could book an appointment for piercing. In case you are not 18 – you should print and give your parents to fill out the consent with piercing, which you can download here:

2) Piercing could not be made for you if you are sick or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Before piercing we recommend to have at least a small meal for you to feel better during procedure, so it will be less painful. Actually better you feel before piercing, better you feel after.

3) 80 % of your piercing to heal well depends on your immunity and how do you take care of it. Detailed instruction you will get in the studio, the basic rules are following:

  • Do not touch it with dirty hands, clean it 2-3 times a day with saline solution, which you can buy in our studio, avoid it to get torn with clothes, linen, hair etc.

  • Do not visit swimming pools, sauna, solarium during 1 month. No swimming in the sea, no sunbathing. Daily shower is not a problem. During sport activity it is usually recommended to cover it with patch, and always to clean after.

  • Do not take off the jewelry until downsize will be needed (ask your piercer about it)

  • In case of any troubles please contact the studio

Wherever you have a well-healed piercing and you just want to upgrade it either with good quality titanium jewelry or gold one, we can help you to choose beautiful jewelry, which will suit you. In case you have not found the piece you wanted, we can order it for you after you pay the deposit.