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Minimalist tattoo, small tattoo.

Location & Certification: Prague, Czech Republic.

Welcome to the page of our studio dedicated to small and discreet tattoos. Recently, we have noticed an increased interest in these subtle pieces of art, which has led us to create a special space where we can showcase them.

Every tattoo artist in our studio has the skills and experience necessary to create these small masterpieces. Whether it is a symbolic image, initials, or fine geometric patterns, we are here to turn your wishes into reality.

On this page, you will find examples of our work. Each tattoo, comparable to a small gem, is the result of careful design and precise execution by our team of tattoo artists.

We hope that our portfolio will inspire you and convince you of the quality and delicacy of our small tattoos. Whether you are looking for something simple and discreet or something a bit more sophisticated, we are here to help you envision your ideal tattoo.

Thank you for visiting this page. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our studio is always ready to create an unforgettable piece of skin art for you.

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