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Tattoo Aftercare (Healing)


Tattoo is a type of wound. Proper tattoo aftercare is an important part of preserving a tattoo. Our studio provides 2 types of healing solutions.

1. Tattoo protective membrane

Membrane function

  • membrane let the air in - it helps to keep tattoos out of the way, and so the skin structure doesn't change, which would have a bad effect on quick and trouble-free healing. Also, air intake is important for breathing the skin and beneficial microbes that live on the skin.

  • it retains liquids from leaking out. It has a purely practical feature that keeps you clean of your clothes, linen and everything a fresh tattoo can come into contact with. A significant advantage is also the reduction of the risk of biological contamination on your part, which can be unpleasant for the environment.

  • protects tattoos from biological contamination from the environment, as well as mechanical dirt and damage. This is the most important function of the healing membrane. Protection from dirt and contamination gives your immunity only the healing of the tattoo itself.

Care procedure

  1. Immediately after procedure tattooer will cover your tattoo with special membrane.

  2. If the film does not smear and feels O.K. wear it for 3-4 days, then take off, wash your tattoo and apply a thin layer of any moisturizing cream every time you feel your skin is dry.

  3. If the film has peeled off or leaked then peel it off completely and follow the usual care procedure.

Below is a few pictures of how a membrane-sealed tattoo will look like after a few hours and the next 3-4 days. This is quite normal and so it should be. Do not remove the membrane.

Conditions through which healing goes

  1. In the first minutes / hours after the membrane is applied, the tattoo looks as practical as it does without it. It is clean and easy to read.

  2. After a few minutes / hours, blood and lymph begin to appear between the tattoo and the membrane. The tattoo is legible but looks a little dirty. This is normal, there is no need to do anything about it.

  3. The next day, under the membrane already appears color, which can change the appearance of the tattoo a lot and it may seem that the tattoo "spills". Believe it is not so. There are several reasons for a tattoo to be made, but none of them occurs on the second or third day after the tattoo.

  4. By bending or stretching the skin, the membrane may (but does not have to) have indentations through which biological fluid will flow. In this case, just wipe the dirt with a damp cloth and do nothing else.

  5. After 5 days, peel off the membrane (this may be a bit annoying) and wash the tattoo with soap. For some time, the tattoo will be shiny and dry. Never scratch, wash 2-3 times a day and lubricate with a thin layer of moisturizing cream every 2-4 hours.

2. Care for fresh tattoos covered with absorbent underpad

Function of the underpad:

  • It can absorb and retain large amounts of fluids

  • The skin under the diaper does not sweat, does not get wet

  • It is pleasant to the touch

  • It is easier to fix than food film

Food film is usually used only after the second third day after the tattoo to protect it from dirt.

Care procedure

  1. Leave the bandage you got from studio for 2-4 hours.

  2. Remove the bandage (if it is sticks, soak it with warm water) and wash the tattoo with warm water and baby soap. Wash tattoo without using sponges and other abrasives but thoroughly. By washing it is necessary to remove the dried lymph and blood so that the skin remains completely smooth to the touch. After cleaning, dry the tattoo with a paper towel.

  3. Apply a thin layer of Bepanthen Plus cream on your tattoo.

  4. Cover your tattoo with underpad. Traces of blood, lymph or color remaining on underpad are indicating whether the tattoo is wet or not.

  5. Repeat points 2, 3 in the evening before sleeping.

  6. If morning, and after removing there are traces of blood, lymph or color, continue repeat points 2, 3 and 4 in the morning and evening.

  7. If the underpads are no longer or tiny traced repeat only the 2nd and 3rd points and cover the tattoo only with the food film and only when you go out or where the dust or other dirt is. Wear cotton clothing that will touch your tattoo as little as possible.

  8. Repeat points 2 and 3 until complete healing. Stop using the film when it is obvious that the tattoo does not exclude anything and that the upper layer of the skin is sufficiently regenerated.

  9. During healing it is strictly forbidden:
    – Scratch and peel tattoo
    – Sunbathe
    – Bathroom (only shower allowed), swimming pools, aqua parks,
    sauna, swimming in the sea.
    – Contact with animals (first 7 days)
    – Drink alcohol, especially beer (first 3 days)
    – Sports, especially with overloading and stretching of the skin at
    the tattoo (first 7 days)

It is forbidden!


  • scrape and peel tattoos (while healing)

  • sunbathe (during the healing period)

  • to take a bath, only a shower is allowed (during the healing period)

  • visit swimming pools, aqua parks (while healing)

  • bathe in the sea (while healing)

  • contact with animals (first 7 days)

  • consume alcohol, especially beer (first 3 days)

  • sport (first 7 days)

  • overload and stretch the skin a lot at the tattoo (first 7 days)

  • shave spot with tattoo (for healing time)

Factors that may influence the quality of the healing

To do a tattoo good is not enough. Just as a low-quality tattoo heals up much better with a proper aftercare, a high-quality tattoo can be damaged with a poor aftercare.



For example, after a leg tattoo you are more susceptible to swollen legs. Excess of water in intercellular spaces is washing out the ink.



Drinking of alcohol causes abnormal fluid redistribution in the body. Molecules of alcohol penetrate from the bloodstream through the cell membrane to the soft tissue and each molecule of alcohol pulls with you a few molecules of water. Thus, water accumulates in the tissues and it causes swelling.


Dried lymph

If the tattoo is not washed several times per day or is poorly washed, your skin starts to form scabs, which are crusty of dried lymph. Then the dried part peels off and drags deeper layers of skin. This is bad because of two reasons. Firstly, there might be the ink in these layers and after it is peeled off there will be the empty place instead of the tattoo. Secondly, peeling off the dried lymph may cause bleeding and you will need to start the healing process all over again.


Mechanic damage

Nothing further to say, every time the fresh tattoo is damaged, it increases the healing period.

Exaggerated imagination

You would not believe how many myths about tattoo aftercare process exist. Someone decides to apply hydrogen peroxide to the tattoo, another one – to use hot water or not to wash the tattoo for the whole month. You may try such experiments though at your own risk and do not forget to pray before doing that.


Free Aftercare

We provide tattoo care products for our customers free of charge. At the discretion of the tattooer, it is either a healing membrane patch or a classic care kit with diaper and cream.

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