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Consultations Online

To order you for tattoos, we need to know how long making your tattoo will take and which tattoo you would like to get. Therefore, first determine the following details:

  1. Tattoo theme or idea. It can be a picture, a tattoo photo, or just a brief description of what it is.

  2. Part of the body where the tattoo will be. We recommend you to read a few articles about body part selection and pain.

  3. Approximate size of tattoo in cm.

  4. A tattooer from our team you would like to choose for your tattoo.

Don't mind if you don't know the answer to one or two points from this list, email us about it.

Now send us an email or fill in the contact form.

Consultation by phone

A telephone consultation is possible only with a tattoo that can be explained via phone call (small and simple). And for urgent ordering (less than 12 hours in advance).

+420 728 274 700


Personal consultation

Personal consultation with the tattoo artist is only possible by prior arrangement. But beware, it does not mean that the tattoo artist will draw a design during the consultation. Personal consultations serve for personal acquaintance with the tattoo artist, explanation of work progress, preparation for long sessions, arranging further details of cooperation.

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