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Piercing care and restrictions during healing:

  • A sterile saline solution is needed for piercing care, which you can buy from us or at a pharmacy in the form of sterile seawater for daily nasal hygiene for infants. Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or antiseptics to treat the piercing (only if necessary for a limited time, according to the instructions, see below)

  • Treat the piercing 2-3 times a day with clean hands using a cotton swab, cotton pad or gauze.

  • Harder crusts from lymph and blood plasma will form around the fresh piercing, do not scrape BUT always moisturize first and when it softens, gently remove them.

  • Do not move the jewelry during the treatment, it will interfere with healing. In no case do not remove the jewelry for cleaning.

  • Do not touch the jewelry with your hands unless they have been washed/disinfected. Avoid touching the piercing - take care of your hands, hair, underwear, clothes. 

  • If you are not sure that the piercing is sufficiently protected from mechanical damage - cover the piercing with a patch.

  • With an unhealed piercing, it is forbidden to visit the swimming pool, sauna and other public swimming pools, including natural ones. During the healing period, it is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise during which you may sweat a lot or somehow harm your fresh piercing. Sweat, together with the excreted substances and dirt that stick to it, can lead to infections and inflammation of the piercing. It is possible to exercise safely with a piercing, but be careful. After exercising, rinse the piercing with clean water and treat with a saline solution.

  • If you have a problem with a piercing - it burns, hurts or puss - immediately contact studio  - acute cases - call, less acute - write and attach a photo in good light so that the problem can be seen. When taking a picture with a piercing, you must be very careful, in no case press, do not twist, if it is a place where you cannot see very well, ask someone to help you, or use a mirror.

Apply salt compresses (10% salt solution = 100 g of salt per 1 liter of water or 10 g of salt per 100 ml of water or a packaged hypertonic solution (usually from 2.5% salt)  strong chamomile tea at a temperature of about 36 -37°, to which we add a drop of tea tree oil. Soak in a gauze solution, apply to the puncture site and hold for 3 minutes, then dry and repeat after a few hours. In case of inflammation, Octenisept antiseptic treatment (no Betadine) is also suitable . a piece of jewelry that catches something, or bangs on something will immediately cause swelling, you can reduce it with ice, only for a short time for 1 minute, and ALWAYS wrap the ice in a clean towel or napkin.

 SOS help for infections/swelling:

  • A piercing is a mechanical damage to the skin and therefore good immunity plays a big role in the healing process. Take care of your immunity: enough sleep, rest, good food, walks in the fresh air. Consumption of alcohol, drugs and smoking impair immunity and consequently the healing process.

  • Some types of piercings require the jewelry to be shortened after about 6-12 weeks. Sometimes there are several abbreviations. In our studio, you do not pay for the shortening service if you have a piercing from us. Only the jewelry is paid.

  • If you have a piercing in your mouth, use an alcohol-free rinse,   always rinse after eating for about 15 seconds and only if it is part of your daily dental hygiene. If not, that's enoughplain clean non-tap (filtered, bottled or boiled) water.Take care of oral hygiene, it is important to speed up healing. For the first 3-4 hours after the procedure, drink only water, cold  tea and you can have an iced still drink without sugar and alcohol, then rinse your mouth. During the first 3-5 days, the tongue will swell, it may hurt, and you will not be able to eat anything except soft food, which should not be hot, bitter, sour, salty and colorful. If it is a lip piercing, it is a combined care: rinsing from the inside, cleaning with a saline solution from the outside. During healing and especially the first 14 days, refrain from oral sex and kissing, then orient yourself according to your feelings, it is best not to rush to avoid trauma

  • During the healing period of the piercing in the oral cavity, we do not recommend  drinking alcohol and smoking, this can cause bleeding. If you are a smoker, you do not have to give up smoking, but try to limit it a little and rinse your mouth with clean water after smoking

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