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Tattoo text price


We have developed a tattoo calculator to help you easily determine the approximate price of your tattoo. Be careful, the exact price of the tattoo can only be determined after consultation, as it is affected by many factors.

Beware that a long sentence cannot be tattooed in a short space. Either it has to be done in two lines (and the lettering is much higher) or it has to be lowered. Here the rule is that the smaller the letters, the lower the quality of the tattoo. So if you want a quality tattoo of a small sign then either the word / phrase must be short or the tattoo must be larger.

Now let's get to the point. It may seem difficult at first glance, but believe it is just a question of multiplying two numbers. The font complexity factor by the tattoo size factor.

Tattoo complexity coefficient

Most fonts can be divided into 2 types.

Fonts with a coefficient 1.2

The first type are those that can be written with one line strength. Letters have no thinner and wider lines in any place. On these are mostly fonts from Basic / Serif, Script / School, Script / Handwritten.


Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum

Coefficient fonts 1.5

The second type are fonts that have different strengths in different places. Above all these are calligraphic fonts from the Script category on but also many others. Most tattoo fonts fit into this category.


Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum

Tattoo size coefficient

If you have clearly identified which category fits your chosen font, it's time to determine the size of your future tattoo. Take a ruler in your hand, place it against your body and measure how large the tattoo must be in centimeters. In the picture you can see that any length can fit either a shorter but higher inscription (fewer words in a sentence) or a longer but lower inscription (more words in a sentence). The overall size of the tattoo is more important in determining the price. We adjust any sentence to the required length so that the height of the letters is reduced proportionally.


Multiplication of coefficients

Now multiply the complexity factor by the size factor to get the approximate price of your tattoo.


1,2 x 1000 ≐ 1200 CZK = 60 USD = 50 EUR

1,2 x 1200 ≐ 1500 CZK = 75 USD = 60 EUR

1,2 x 1650 ≐ 2000 CZK = 100 USD = 80 EUR

1,2 x 2400 ≐ 3000 CZK = 150 USD = 120 EUR

1,5 x 1000 ≐ 1500 CZK = 75 USD = 60 EUR

1,5 x 1200 ≐ 1800 CZK = 90 USD = 70 EUR

1,5 x 1650 ≐ 2500 CZK = 125 USD = 100 EUR

1,5 x 2400 ≐ 3500 CZK = 175 USD = 140 EUR

Other fonts and sizes

Of course, not all possible variations of tattoo inscriptions fit into such a simple example. First, you do not specify the price of sentences in two or more lines and then also fonts that are not similar to those in the example. For the price of such a tattoo you have to contact us and we will contact you within a few tens of minutes.


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