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Tattoo Artists

Our team now has ten permanent tattoo artists. We assemble our team of tattooists working in different styles in order to provide customers with the opportunity to professionally implement any tattoo style. Each of our tattoo artists is one of the tattooists in Prague and the whole Czech Republic in their style.


We also regularly invite the best tattoo artists from the Czech Republic and around the world to exchange experiences and gain new knowledge in drawing and tattooing.

Every day we work to improve the quality of our services. All our tattooists are proficient in English at a sufficient level, as well as a receptionist who is fluent in several languages ​​and is constantly present at the client’s services.


All tattoo artists of our studio own tools for professionally designing and preparing sketches for the client, so you can bring us your idea in any form. A sheet of paper, a sketch in a notebook, a photo in a phone, a real object that needs to be drawn. All options are OK.

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