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Choosing a Tattoo Font

Tattooing is considered a visual art, and many fans of this art express their self with symbols and drawings: someone abstract, someone specific. But some people prefer to do it in words and write down sentences. And we will talk about these people today!

Inscription tattoo: where did it come from?

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The history of the inscriptions on the body is not so long: while the first tattooed people could boast of their body drawings, symbolizing their origins, victories or just bringing happiness, many could not even read.

Tattoo inscriptions, whose meaning is actually only available in the modern world, are usually chosen from favorite songs or poems, phrases of some scientific or cultural personalities, winged expressions, or sacred texts. Many tattoo lovers choose phrases for themselves in Latin, Hindi, Swahili, Arabic, Hebrew, or Chinese (they should realize that these are more of a drawing or an ornament than an inscription).

Tattoos from context

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Many fans of poetry and literature often tell themselves not only their favorite stanza, but sometimes whole paragraphs of their favorite books and novels. Sometimes it is possible to meet a person who would get a tattoo in their own language, but lately it is not unusual: you will often find quotations from poems such as william shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe.

You can also meet tattoo owners inspired by foreign classics such as William Shakespeare - and this is not surprising because all of his work can be broken down into quotes!

Important! Inscription tattoos that you have already selected should be re-checked again: if the inscription is in a foreign language, and even more from another font, it is worth double checking to avoid an unpleasant mistake.

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Tattoo with favorite song lyrics

They are chosen not only by fans of some bands, but also by ordinary music lovers, people for whom the song has a special meaning, and also by those who found something close to themselves in the lyrics of the song. Here the choice is unlimited: the language of the song, the music genre - nothing is important except for the meaning of special words. By the way, many tattoo not only the lyrics but also the names of the groups themselves.


Tattoo inscriptions most commonly requested in tattoo parlors are usually in a foreign language. The most common of them:

  • Latin - suitable for tattoos for couples as well as for those who want to put on their body a catch phrase that will be a wonderful motto in life.

  • English, French, Spanish - a golden threesome for music lovers who love tattoos.

  • Hebrew - Hebrew tattoos are usually chosen by people of Jewish descent.

  • Arabic, Chinese, Japanese - suitable for those who love exoticism.

  • Sanskrit, Hindi - Tattoos in these languages ​​are chosen by those who love oriental culture. These are usually lines of sacred texts.

  • Czech - popular among tourists who want to preserve the memory of visiting Prague

Did you know? Most often, the inscriptions are tattooed by those who have not yet decided to put a large image on the body: the inscription is easier to hide.

Names of loved ones - tattoos that you will never regret

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Many people have decided to make a tattoo of their loved ones, such as the names of children, parents, and grandparents. Creating a portrait is more complicated, and there is a greater risk that a person will not be similar, because it is not always easy for an artist to depict a person's character through a picture, especially on such a difficult canvas as the body. But you can get a tattoo name! This trend has recently become increasingly popular among young parents who have decided to perpetuate the names of children on their bodies. And some do tattoo inscriptions as a tribute to their culture.

Subtle tattoo

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Minimalism is back in fashion and even in the fashion of original tattoos: now you can apply tattoo tattoos to you that have value for you. If you are Gemini according to the horoscope, your element is air and it makes a lot of sense - write about it!

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before choosing a tattoo in an unknown language:

  • Make sure the phrases you select for the theme and the meaning you put in it are the same. Wanting a tattoo with one meaning and getting another is extremely disappointing.

  • Make sure there are no mistakes in the sentence: before the tattoo itself you will be nervous and you may lose sight of the most important.

  • If you are a creative person and want a really unique tattoo, then tattoo on your body the phrase that will have a special meaning only for you: it can be a strange phrase with your beloved person or even a line from the poem of your own song.

Tip: If you don't want everyone to see your tattoo, apply it in a hidden place. However, if there is no such option and you hardly want anyone to know its meaning, translate the tattoo into a less accessible language for others.

Where and how to choose a tattoo font?

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The best font selection site is

  1. On the page, select a font style.

  2. Enter what you want to tattoo in the “Type your text here” field.

  3. Confirm with "Submit".

  4. Make a note of the font name you choose and come to us.

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