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Tattoo Prices


The exact price of a tattoo can only be determined after an on-line consultation and in individual cases after a personal consultation. However, here are the indicative tattoo prices so that customers can get an idea of the prices in our salon.

How much does a tattoo of a small size cost?

Small tattoos are best applied to the wrist, instep and neck. The smaller the tattoo, the simpler the motive should be - over a few centimeters the complex parts merge and will not be discernible. If you want a small size tattoo, you should approach the theme selection very carefully.


Small tattoos can be divided into:

  • The size of the coin - about 2-3 square centimeters. In this area we can tattoo simple geometric shapes, hieroglyphs, etc. The price of such a tattoo is 1500 CZK.

  • Matchbox size - tattoo size 5x5 cm (approx.). Prices of this tattoo will be 2000 - 5000 CZK. Suitable for minimalist drawings, free of color and details.

  • Size of cigarette box - tattoo size 10x10 cm. These parameters can fit a simpler drawing or larger inscription. Price tattoo 3000 - 8000 CZK.


Medium size tattoo prices

Medium sized tattoos are the most common. Such patterns are applied to the shoulder, forearm, shoulder blade and thigh. They should emphasize body anatomy, muscle lines and bends. Therefore, the final area of ​​the motif depends on the site of application - for example, the size of the tattoo on the forearm or shoulder is usually smaller than on the thigh.

Medium tattoo sizes:

  • The price of a tattoo of a woman's forearm size (tattoo 20x8 cm) - 8000 CZK - 10000 CZK

  • The price of a tattoo of the size of a man's forearm (tattoo size 25x15 cm) - 10000 CZK - 16000 CZK can be seen on the shoulder blades, shoulders, belly.

For medium-sized tattoos, there can often be a significant difference in the cost of tattoos of the same size on paper but applied to different parts of the body.

For example, the cost of a tattoo on the arm or the price of a tattoo on the shoulder will be lower than the cost of the same rib motif since the ribs make the skin more elastic and the place is more painful. Therefore, the final tattooed area is larger and the tattooer must give more time for such a tattoo.


Price list of large tattoos

Large tattoos are usually not individual images, but complex compositions that occupy a large part of the body (back, chest, whole arm (sleeve) or leg). They are tattooed in several sessions and are quite expensive. Estimated price per session - from CZK 8000 per session.

For example, the total cost of a sleeve tattoo can be from 40000 CZK or more. But it is not the amount you pay immediately, but rather the next item of spending for several months.

Usually, the price of large tattoos requires personal discussions and consultations with a tattoo artist in our studio.


Tattooers of our salon work out an individual motif or tattoo your chosen picture. When drawing up the drawing we take into account all your wishes, in addition we take into account the individual anatomy of the body and the chosen place of application.

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