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Why us?


About spaces

Today we are one of the largest salons in Prague and even the Czech Republic. The area of ​​260 m2 is equipped with 10 regularly occupied work places. The unique industrial open space, which looks like a huge photo studio, will leave an interesting memory of itself.


About the team

Our team is truly multicultural and international. The main condition for selecting new members of our team is professionalism and artistic talent. For every tattoo artist should speak his portfolio, so look at our and you will have your mind clear.


About communication

If you are looking for a long talk about your future tattoo, endless consultations, months of drawing and an appoitment after half an year, then we are not a suitable team for you. We are the best with customers who are clear about what they want and how they want it and who only need professionals to create a quality and artistic tattoo from that idea.


About speed

For many years, we have refined our work processes to serve and make tattoo for customers as quickly as possible, but to do so with the highest possible quality. Check out our portfolio. Not only is it really good, all the work in it is done very quickly and painlessly.


About prices

We are not the cheapest studio in Prague, nor do we want to be. We stand for the idea that quality tattoos are worth it. On the other hand, we do not support an approach where a tattoo artist create such a large customer queue that he needs to raise prices just to make the queue a little shorter. We solve this by healthy competition between the tattoo artist in the salon and finding the right solutions and sorting customers among them so that everyone can do what they can do quickly, quality and with a good price. Moreover, the price of our tattoos is final. We will not try to sell tattoo care products to you - we will give you everything you need for free.


About waiting dates

As you can understand from the previous paragraphs, we do not have senseless long deadlines even for the most popular tattoo artists, because our large team and perfect system allows a good quality service to a large number of customers.


About technologies in art

Our studio, the same tattoo artists, is top-notch with everything in drawing. We have been drawing for many years, mostly in digital, which saves time and allows you to draw designs for customers right on the spot before tattooing. You get a design created specifically for you, but with the possibility of instantly editing everything you need.


About tattoo technology

Customers usually do not think about it, but quality tattoo machines and supplies not only save the customer tens of minutes and sometimes hours of pain, but also ensure much better healing and overall tattoo quality. We don't really save money on equipment and supplies.


About the portfolio

Tattooing is a very specific field where guestspotting is quite a daily thing. This means that a large part of the team are visiting tattoo artists who come to the studio for 3-7 days. It is really a good thing for a team of home tattoo artists to exchange knowledge and experience with guests. But it also has the wrong side, when you first see the studio‘s portfolio you will see all the gems, such as beautiful work across the whole back, sleeves and the top 10 guest artworks in his entire career. On the other hand, such a portfolio does not give a clear idea of ​​what the home team really can do and tattoo. And the chance that when you order the tattoo you want, you are lucky enough to hit a visiting tattoo artist who arrives in three months and will tattoo 4 days is minimal. Our work on Instagram is actually done in our salon and is our daily work.


About hygiene

We meet the strictest conditions of  Sanitary station of Prague and the world standards among tattoo salons. No catacombs with no windows and two-meter-high ceilings as introduced in many tattoo studios. Come and see by yourself.


What else?

We could have added a lot of beautiful and nonsensical links, like WE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO TAKE CARE OF TATTOO, 100% STERILITY and other crap, but why would we do that? This does not affect the quality of the tattoo and the comfort of the customers.


We have over 500 reviews on Google Maps and over 300 reviews on Facebook. We take each review seriously and always go through each of them with the whole team. Thus, we draw a lesson from them and get motivated. 

Of course I would recommend these talented artists and professional piercers! They’re all friendly,fun and super amazing at what they do! Thanks again for my piercings- I’ll be back next for a tattoo 🙂

This was the most unexpected yet best part of my weekend trip to Prague. I had been searching for an artist to bring my spontaneous vision to life and was not disappointed in the least. Miro is incredibly talented; her artistry is inspirational. Everyone else was so kind at the shop. Extremely professional, hygienic, and quite possibly the most memorable tattoo experience I’ve ever had. Black House has all my thanks and I would recommend them without a doubt.

Everything was perfect, the studio is so clean, the tattoo artist are very professional, good and nice. Highly recommended

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