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Igor Crimedog

Neotraditional Tattoo, Black & Grey tattoo, Illustrative Tattoo, …

Location & Certification: Prague, Czech Republic

Who is Igor?

Igor is a tattoo artist who has his own opinion for anything. For tattoos, for routine life, for simple and difficult things. All this is reflected in his art and tattoo designs. He appreciates simplicity and respects straightforward people who don’t try to seem better than they actually are.


Igor has been working in the tattoo industry for more than 5 years. He prefers to work with traditional and neotraditional tattoo styles, but he is also open for fresh ideas and experiments. He believes that everyone deserves a unique design created individually for him or her. Igor never does copies of his own works. On his opinion, an artist can always show same things in different ways. He is always ready to help your ideas come true.

His interests

Igor finds his inspiration in many different things. Among his main interests are: death, how it can be shown and understood; paganism, especially nordic and celtic motives; weapons, flowers, sea, masculinity, and all that can be connected with that. He will definitely find some common ground with those who admire Charles Bukowski, Curt Vonnegut, Irwin Welsh and similar hooligans of literature. Igor is a huge fan of Warhammer 40000 universe, also he is into comics culture. All mentioned can be fastactically transformed into bright and cool neotraditional designs by Igor.

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