Arana Tatau

Maori tattoo, Polynesian tattoo, Samoan tattoo, Borneo tattoo, Marquesan tattoo, Tongo tattoo, Heida tattoo, Micronesia tattoo and other tribal and blackwork tattoo.

Location & Certification: Prague, Czech Republic.




I do Polynesian tattoos mainly to look good. I know the meanings of individual ornaments, but in my opinion they relate to the lives of the people there, not to the European one, and the direct application of the meanings is almost impossible, so that a European interpretation is needed.


In this case, just choose the designs you like and add them your own meaning.


In addition, certain rituals must be followed when creating similar meaningful tattoos, and true Polynesian tattoos must be tattooed in Polynesia. Please take this as my independent opinion.

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Black House Tattoo s.r.o.

Prague 1 - New Town

Opatovicka 160/18