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Tattoo repair and cover up

Tattoos should represent aesthetic function for your body, serve as a decoration and be pleasure for your eyes. But what if it's completely different? You think right, tattoos can be remodeled. This may be necessary for many reasons. It is possible that tattoos were made long ago in youth, there were used poor quality materials or they were made by unskilled tattooer. It is possible that the tattoo design itself was unsuccessful, or simply the previously beloved tattoo lost its beauty and needs a proper repair. And it's also possible that your taste has changed and you're not so happy with the tattoos you liked before. Exactly for such cases, tattoo overlay is appropriate because it can save the situation and eliminate the need for expensive laser tattoo removal procedures.

What is important to know

Like the first tattoo, tattoo overlay is an important step that you should carefully think about. In order not to make the same mistake again, there are important points to consider:

  • It's worth to look at the work of the tattoo parlor you want to visit. Especially check pictures of tattoo repairs in their portfolio.

  • You have to understand that changing an old tattoo into a new one is more difficult than making a new tattoo from the beginning. There are some limitations when choosing a pattern and color.

  • The new tattoo gradually overlaps the old tattoo so it will definitely be bigger and darker - you should also take this into consideration.

  • After selecting a tattooer and clarifying what you want, it is necessary to discuss in detail with the chosen tattoo artist how the tattoo will overlap, all the details of the process and the expected result. And it is better to take his advice (if you have already decided to trust him) to achieve the best result.

Choosing a new tattoo design

  • First read our article about colors in tattoos

  • Although the light shade appears to be bright and may overlap a darker color, it is not always the case. A good tattoo artist knows that dark tattoos will come out of time with a dirty blot.

  • Also, remaking a tattoo means that the elements of the new pattern must match the elements of the old, submit to it. This means that it is not possible to tattoo a portrait over some abstract geometric pattern. Therefore, the remodeling of the old pattern is not possible in any new pattern you just want. Tattoo artist will help you to choose a design; if you chose the design by yourself, you should not insist on it despite the advice of the tattooer and should trust his advice's. He is a professional.

  • And, of course, the new tattoo will be much bigger than the old one.

Tattooer Requirements

  • If you are rebuilding an unsuccessful, poor-quality tattoo, then the requirements for the tattoo must be high to prevent the new tattoo from getting poor. Because tattoo overlap is a more complicated and careful process than tattooing the first pattern on your clear skin. Tattoo artist must have sufficient experience with tattoo repair, do not choose tattooer without proper experience. 

  • In addition, they must have a rich imagination, be well aware of the whole process step by step, keep the final result in mind, be able to improvise in the course of time so that it is not at the expense of quality.

  • It is important that such a tattoo artist only works with high quality materials with bright, stable pigments to make the overlay tattoo looks really good.

  • Don't be afraid to spend money on a professional tattooer because a good tattoo artist won't work for free. A good tattoo overlay is really worth it.

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