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Ornamental tattoo

Ornamental tattoo.

About style

The word "ornament" is derived from the word ornamentum, which in Latin means "decoration". Ornament - is a pattern that is based on repeating and alternating the same elements. Since ancient times, ornaments have been used to decorate a variety of things (from clothing to furniture). The bodies of the first tattooed Polynesians did not become an exception - it is assumed that the ornament style was based on these regions. Islanders like to use such tattoos as talismans, often nowadays such work is ordered by those who want to wear the talisman on the body.

What makes this style special?

Ornaments are pretty symbolic and expressive, sometimes mysterious. Maintaining symmetry and form accuracy - these are some of the main aspects of this tattoo. Usually a combination of symbols and lines, waves, and even geometric figures is used. The scale of this work is not important, as is part of the body. You can also decorate your ankles, chest, shoulders and thigh. Lovers of big works choose decorations for their entire back, where they also look very impressive and beautiful.

In Black House Tattoo, ornamental tattoos are done mostly by:


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Gallery of ornamental tattoos by our tattooists:

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