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Dotwork tattoo

Dotwork tattoo, dotwork tattoo, dotted tattoo.

What is Dotwork

Dotwork is not really a tattoo style, it is a tattoo technique in which the points outweigh the lines, which significantly differentiates the work done with this technique from everyone else. Dots make up all the main stages of a tattoo: shapes, contrasts, and color intensity. The basis is just dots, which adds to this style unique charm. They collect in various pictures and figures including geometric shapes. The contrast of such a tattoo depends on the density of the dots. Usually, in this style, quite a lot of work is being done - there is room for showing "dotwork" in all its glory.

Types of Dotwork

There are many versions of the birth of "dotwork". The origin of this tattoo style can easily be ascertained in "acupuncture," a body massage for body healing that is practiced in Tibet. However, it is true that the image was applied to the body only for training purposes, for teaching massage. Another version - according to the claims of archaeologists, even for several thousand years BC in the African caves were displayed people with characteristic dotted images on the body.

Origin of Dotwork

From a technical point of view, "dotwork" is very similar to the work of French neo-Impressionists who used a dotted technique in their works. It is also very close to the "dotwork" ancient shamanic tattoo culture - Sak Yant. This technique includes a dotted drawing and is applied by hand using a special needle. Residents of Southeast Asia have long applied such tattoos, and believe that together with the curse of a tattoo man can change fate and human life. But maybe modern dotwork tattoos were invented by an Englishman, Xed leHead, at least he says that =) And he can be proud of it, because the dotwork tattoo style has become so popular. In our time, "dotwork" - this is an expression of traditional art technique pointillism on the skin.

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