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We – artists.

We have had thousands of satisfied customers, dozens of thousands hours of tattooing, hundreds of thousands of cm2 of skin tattooed. We work hard, efficiently, and without undue suffering.

Sixth star


Satisfied customers
Hours of tattooing
0+ cm²
Tattooed skin
80% of customers served in 24 hours
Fast consultation on-line 24/7
Tattoo care 100% free

Our Team

Miss Nika
Miss NikaSpecializes in illustrative color and watercolor tattoo
BarulinaSpecializes in illustrative fine art in color & black and gray
MarvoySpecializes in black & grey illustrative
ValerieSpecializes in piercing
ShturmSpecializes in American traditional

What people say


The price depends on the scale of work multiplied with tattooers professionality. Approximately prices (!):

  • Price starts at 1000 CZK (≈40 EUR)
  • Tattoo up to 5×5 cm ≈1000-4000 CZK (≈ 40 – 160 EUR)
  • Tattoo from 5×5 to 10×10 cm ≈2000-7000 CZK (≈ 80 – 280 EUR)
  • Between 11 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. prices are higher according to a tattooer opinion and start price is 2000 CZK

As the only studio in Prague we provide You with tattoo care acessories for free.


1. Leave the bandage you got from studio for 2-4 hours.
2. Remove the bandage (if it is sticks, soak it with warm water) and wash the tattoo with warm water and baby soap. Wash tattoo without using sponges and other abrasives but thoroughly. By washing it is necessary to remove the dried lymph and blood so that the skin remains completely smooth to the touch. After cleaning, dry the tattoo with a paper towel.
3. Apply a thin layer of Bepanthen Plus cream on your tattoo.
4. Cover your tattoo with underpad. Traces of blood, lymph or colour remaining on underpad are indicating whether the tattoo is wet or not.
5. Repeat points 2, 3 in the evening before sleeping.
6. If morning, and after removing there are traces of blood, lymph or color, continue repeat points 2, 3 and 4 in the morning and evening.
7. If the underpads are no longer or tiny traced repeat only the 2nd and 3rd points and cover the tattoo only with the food film and only when you go out or where the dust or other dirt is. Wear cotton clothing that will touch your tattoo as little as possible.
8. Repeat points 2 and 3 until complete healing. Stop using the film when it is obvious that the tattoo does not exclude anything and that the upper layer of the skin is sufficiently regenerated.
9. During healing it is strictly forbidden:
– Scratch and peel tattoo
– Sunbathe
– Bathroom (only shower allowed), swimming pools, aqua parks,
sauna, swimming in the sea.
– Contact with animals (first 7 days)
– Drink alcohol, especially beer (first 3 days)
– Sports, especially with overloading and stretching of the skin at
the tattoo (first 7 days)


1. Immediately after tattooing tattooer cover your tattoo with special film.
2. If the film does not smear and feels O.K. wear it for 4- 5 days, then take off, wash your tattoo and apply a thin layer of Bepanthen Plus every 3-6 hours for 3 weeks. (viz. Tattoo care points 2,3,4,)
3. If the film has peeled, leaked or it is unpleasant then peel it off and follow the usual care procedure.

Full healing process takes 21-60 days. Healing time is influenced by many factors, never compare you healing process with other people or other tattooes on you. Do not accept any advices about healing process from other sources.

Your fresh tattoo will be covered with regeneration membrane or you will recieve tattoo care set. Yes, free. However, sometimes peoople need additionaly some accessories.

1. Bepanthen Plus – tattoo care cream.
2. Absorption underpad – To wear during the sleep. Your apparel and bed linnen stay clean!
3. Cling film– to wear under the clothing. No stains any more!
4. Paper tape – to fix underpad. To hold it together.
5. Baby soap – to wash your tatoo. And baby.

Yes, deposit is necessary. More information about deposit amounts and ways to pay can be found here.

Yes, but You have to provide us with form filled by Your responsible representative. Dont try without it, we really ask for your ID to prove age.

We will make You a tattoo just if you feel completely healthy, particularly you do not have a fever, skin rashes, diabetes, immunological and blood clotting disorders, allergies, low blood pressure, hepatitis type B or C, epileptics, hormonal therapy, You are not HIV positive, not pregnant, not breast-feeding, not treated for an oncological illness, do not have a menstruation, Quincke’s disease, You do not take any pills or antibiotics and if You take any You have informed the tattooist about it before the performance of the intervention. You feel physically and mentally very well.

It happens that there comes a client who either has a contraindication or an unknown disease that could be an obstacle, some people can also hide their illness. In this case, we recommend at least consultation with your doctor and we will do the service at your own risk and without guarantee of tattoo quality.

We tried thousands of ways. Most proved:

1. Online consultation via email.

They are fast, they are comfortable, they are clear. They are our priority because they works best. Try it.

We also understand that someone just does not like emails. That is why we offer other options.

2. Personal consultation after prior arrangement. Be careful, this does not mean that your tattooer will draw a design for you on a consultation. The personal consultation is for personal acquaintance with the tattooer, explaining the progress of the work, preparing for long sessions, arranging other details of cooperation.

3. Telephone, SMS, Viber and Whatsapp. Serves only for a tattoos that could be explained by telephone (small and simple). And also for urgent ordering (less than 12 hours in advance)

Yes, Valerie do. You can make an appointment same way as tattoo appointment.

Yes, for amount, for service, for special tattoo, just any way. They look good, they are in envelope, just ideal gift.

The operator is Black House Tattoo s.r.o., Company ID: 04385322, Vodičkova 677/10, Praha 1

The service rows are available for inspection at the facility.

We only use top marks of the highest quality needles and colors.

All work equipment that comes into contact with the blood is sanitized and sterilized.

Every tattooer is trained and certified according to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

During the year, the tattooers are properly inspected by a GP.

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