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Opatovická 18, Prague 1

We work 24/7 by appointments! Walk ins are available from 12 p.m. till 10 p.m.

Attention! We’we moved to new address Opatovicka 18!


Every day the studio undergoes some changes, so we can offer our clients more. Check out what benefits you can have today.


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We are a group of highly qualified professionals. You can be sure that you will be welcomed into a setting by professionally trained staff with long years of experience.

illustrative and watercolor fine art in color & black and gray

black&grey traditional and illustration

black and grey realism

geometric and ethnic ornamental, polynesia and maori

in our piercing studio we perform various types of piercing and microdermal


Although each member of our team has a distinct personality. We share similar ideas about art and we stand by the same principles of work. We tattoo like crazy and we do it in high quality and without needless suffering.

Gay friendly

we have no prejudices


our inks are vegan


we sort waste and save energy


We have over 250 reviews on Google Maps and over 300 reviews on Facebook. We take each review seriously and always go through each of them with the whole team. Thus, we draw a lesson from them and get motivated. 

Of course I would recommend these talented artists and professional piercers! They’re all friendly,fun and super amazing at what they do! Thanks again for my piercings- I’ll be back next for a tattoo 

Paschwa Benbow, Facebook

This was the most unexpected yet best part of my weekend trip to Prague. I had been searching for an artist to bring my spontaneous vision to life and was not disappointed in the least. Miro is incredibly talented; her artistry is inspirational. Everyone else was so kind at the shop. Extremely professional, hygienic, and quite possibly the most memorable tattoo experience I’ve ever had. Black House has all my thanks and I would recommend them without a doubt.

Betty Ma, Facebook

Everything was perfect, the studio is so clean, the tattoo artist are very professional, good and nice. Highly recommended.

Sara Della Marca, Facebook


We not only provide replies to questions we usually get, but also have a blog with articles on interesting topics about tattoo and piercing

The price depends on the scale of work multiplied with tattooers professionality. Approximately prices (!):

  • Price starts at 1000 CZK (≈40 EUR)
  • Tattoo up to 5×5 cm ≈1000-4000 CZK (≈ 40 – 160 EUR)
  • Tattoo from 5×5 to 10×10 cm ≈2000-7000 CZK (≈ 80 – 280 EUR)
  • Between 11 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. prices are higher according to a tattooer opinion and start price is 2000 CZK

As the only studio in Prague we provide You with tattoo care acessories for free.

There is 2 ways how to heal your fresh tattoo. Classic dry healing and new technology of wet healing under membrane. 90% of tattoos done in our studio are healed with new technology. However some specific tattoos require classic dry healing. You can read instructions for both ways of healing here.

Yes, deposits are necessary. Amount of deposit is 800 CZK. You can find all the possibilities how to pay deposit here.

Yes, but You have to provide us with form filled by Your responsible representative. Don’t try without it, we really ask for your ID to prove age.

We will make You a tattoo just if you feel completely healthy, particularly you do not have a fever, skin rashes, diabetes, immunological and blood clotting disorders, allergies, low blood pressure, hepatitis type B or C, epileptics, hormonal therapy, You are not HIV positive, not pregnant, not breast-feeding, not treated for an oncological illness, do not have a menstruation, Quincke’s disease, You do not take any pills or antibiotics and if You take any You have informed the tattooist about it before the performance of the intervention. You feel physically and mentally very well.

It happens that there comes a client who either has a contraindication or an unknown disease that could be an obstacle, some people can also hide their illness. In this case, we recommend at least consultation with your doctor and we will do the service at your own risk and without guarantee of tattoo quality.

We tried thousands of ways. Most proved:

1. Online consultation via email or contact form

They are fast, they are comfortable, they are clear. They are our priority because they works best. Try it.

We also understand that someone just does not like emails. That is why we offer other options.

2. Personal consultation after prior arrangement. Be careful, this does not mean that your tattooer will draw a design for you on a consultation. The personal consultation is for personal acquaintance with the tattooer, explaining the progress of the work, preparing for long sessions, arranging other details of cooperation.

3. Telephone or SMS. Serves only for a tattoos that could be explained by telephone (small and simple). And also for urgent ordering (less than 12 hours in advance)

4. Facebook Messenger or Direct Message in Instagram

Yes, visit piercing page here. You can make an appointment same way as tattoo appointment.

Yes, for amount, for service, for special tattoo, just any way. Visit gift voucher page.

The operator is Black House Tattoo s.r.o., Company ID: 04385322, Vodičkova 677/10, Praha 1

The service rows are available for inspection at the facility.

We only use top marks of the highest quality needles and colors.

All work equipment that comes into contact with the blood is sanitized and sterilized.

Every tattooer is trained and certified according to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

During the year, the tattooers are properly inspected by a GP.





Opatovická 18, Prague 1

We work 24/7 by appointments! Walk ins are available from 12 p.m. till 10 p.m.

Attention! We’we moved to new address Opatovicka 18!