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Protecting our environment

Waste separation

In our studio, we separate the following types of waste:

  • Plastic – every day we sort out 120l of plastic.

  • Paper – every day we sort out 120l of paper.

  • Cardboard – once per 2 months I take out 2-3 bundles of cartons to a waste collection point. Indeed, carton is sorted out separately.

  • Electricity – once per 6-12 months I take out boxes with different electronic waste to a waste collection point.

  • Hazardous – a special profile company takes out contaminated and unsafe waste. They say it is burnt.

  • Mixed – once per week 120l are taken out.



  • We try to avoid printed tattoo designs catalogs, as it is a big paper consumption and all tattoos can be easily find on the internet.

  • In our studio, we have two types of printers (for technical reasons) – LED printer and inkjet printer. If we need to print a lot, we always use the environment-friendly inkjet printer, which is refilled with a color.

  • Necessary documents as Informed consent with a procedure we print out on the opposite side of a used paper.


Electricity and gas

  • In our studio, we have only LED bulbs, which save a lot of energy. Even in softboxes near workplaces of our tattooists, we do not have usual 120W photo lighting bulbs, but rather expensive LED bulbs.

  • We try to heat only in rooms we actually work, other rooms we remain unheated.

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