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New School tattoo

Newschool tattoo.

Origin of style

Perhaps the most vibrant, bold and innovative style of tattooing. The "New School" began to gain popularity at the end of the 20th century, just as the rave movement and comics started. Their heroes are becoming more and more popular. This style is based on rich colors and striking images. The “New School” gave people a self-expression in unexpected colors and pictures, and a great field for self-realization to the Tatras. By the way, the founder of this style is Ed Hardy, who is now known as a designer of clothing and accessories.

New School definition

A distinctive feature of “new school” is the need to use bright colors, the image must be saturated and contrasting. In addition, these tattoos often contain unfilled space, which makes this job even more individual. A new tattoo school - it's a free style, with no clear boundaries, and requires a manifestation of fantasy and humor by the tattoo artist.


In a youth subculture where these tattoos are the most popular, new school works often include cartoon characters, video games and a bit of surrealism. When we talk about lettering and writing, special emphasis is placed on graffiti, which again underscores the originality of this tattoo style.

In Black House Tattoo, new school tattoos are done mostly by:


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