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Materials we use

Vegan friendly

All inks used in our studio are vegan, non-toxic and consist only of natural components. We use the following ink brands: Dynamic Black, Nocturnal, Eternal, World Famous, Solid Ink.



In exceptional cases, some color inks may cause an allergic reaction; the most dangerous are red ones. It must be understood that there is no fully hypoallergenic ink and you risk having an allergy anyway. If you are aware of any particular substance that you are allergic to, you may want to investigate which materials are used in color inks by searching in Google:

  • Dynamic Tattoo ink MSDS

  • Nocturnal Tattoo ink MSDS

  • Eternal Tattoo ink MSDS

  • World Famous Tattoo ink MSDS

  • Solid ink Tattoo MSDS

Expiration date

We use a huge number of inks, so you should not worry about our inks expiration date; we hardly have inks that may expire. All inks run out before they even get close to the expiration date.



We use pre-made sterile needles and cartridges. They are subject to gas sterilization and your tattooist opens a needle package at a workplace. Upon your request, he can open the package right in front of you.


Barrier protection

As you can be sure after visiting our studio, we never save on our client’s safety. We buy supplies in bulk, i.e. each pair of gloves or each meter of a plastic wrap cost us less and we do not even consider using it the second time.



To sterilize tools that contact with blood, we use Autoclave MELAG Melatronic 15. Tools are sterilized in special sterilization bags with sterilization indicator. Your tattooist opens a sterilization bag at a workplace. Upon your request, he can open it right in front of you.


Materials and tools retail

We do not sell anything except products for tattoo aftercare. We do not sell color inks, needles or tattoo machines. Yes, we actually will not sell not a single needle or even a bit of color ink. Even if it is Saturday 9 p.m. and you urgently need to finish your tattoo.

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