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Black and white tattoo

Black & Gray, Shaded Tattoos, Black-Gray Tattoos.

Style name

The style name “Black & Gray” says for itself - this tattoo style is done in two colors: black and gray, where gray is achieved by diluting black to the desired color.

Origin Black & Gray

According to legend, this tattoo style was initially popular in prisons where prisoners simply could not physically create color pigments, and were forced to use only black and diluted gray shades.

Shaded tattoos today

Now “Black & Gray” looks great in ornament or geometric pattern, but more and more is associated with realism. Black and gray tattoos resemble light and expressive pencil drawings, allowing an experienced tattoo artist to use the skillful use of shadows to place the emphasis, create volume, and accentuate the motif. Likewise, to give the picture its specificity. The "Black & Gray" tattoo looks very contrasting and very elegant.

Complicated style

It is worth noting that, despite the seeming simplicity of making such an image, black-and-gray tattoos are very complex, and only a true artist can "open" the image completely by choosing the correct shadow intensity.

Like a black and white film

Like a black and white film or picture, this tattoo style will always be of interest to art lovers who don't care color, and has the value of meaning hidden in the intricate game of contrasts.

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