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Watercolor tattoo

Watercolor tattoo, aquarelle tattoo. ​

History of watercolor tattoo

The founder of this elegant tattoo style is the American painter and tattoo artist Amanda Wachob. She was the first to start making graffiti on the body of her customers in 1998 based on her experience with oil painting. Watercolor tattoos - that's the right creativity, artistic improvisation or a certain image. Watercolor tattoo is especially important for external beauty, splendor of expression and technical demands, symbols are not important here. Tattoos in this style are perceived as art, designed to bring aesthetic pleasure to its owner and others. In this tattoo style, the traditional black outline is missing - this gives the tattoo lightness, airiness and, thanks to strokes and halftones, the colors flow freely into each other. Watercolor tattoos prefer true romance, creative individuals who love everything unusual and original. Such a body painting is simply incomparable to an image with a meaningful sense and a concept.

Watercolor tattoo in Prague

In our Black House Tattoo studio you will find one of the best watercolor tattoo artists in the Czech Republic - Frenez. The artist who creates and continually improves this style has already reached such a level of skill that her work is practically indistinguishable and at times is much better than watercolor paintings on paper. When you look at such a work, you feel that the image on your body is created using ordinary brushes and colors. Master tattoos have divorces that are characteristic of watery watercolors, featuring an amazing play of shades, subtle color transitions, lightness and airiness.

So if you really want to do a really good watercolor tattoo in Prague, then there's nothing to think about! Decide on the content of your watercolor tattoo and book a session with us at Black House Tattoo.

In Black House Tattoo this style tattoo mostly:


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Gallery of watercolor tattoos by our artists:

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