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Who is Shturm?

Shturm is a very experienced and productive tattoo artist. His work is always high-quality, expressive and simple.

What is he tattooing?

Two styles: Traditional and New School. Only by own sketches.

Personal view on tattooing

In his work he is focused on several things:

  • Quality of the tattoo – it is clear that each tattoo gets blurry over time (you can read here why). And one way to prevent this is to simplify images. This is similar to blurred vision. If you blur your eyes and look at the world around you, the most identifiable things will be the easiest and most contrasting ones, such as big boards or traffic signs. Likewise, we can think about tattoos, when stronger lines are preferred to thin ones and the overall composition is adjusted so that as little details as possible are close to each other.
  • Clarity of the image – and it is again about simplicity. Hardly anyone except you will look at your fresh tattoo from a distance of 1-2 meters; most people will look at it from greater distance. Now think how big and simple the image should be so it is clearly visible from a distance of 3 meters…
  • Minimalism – not everything that looks good on paper looks good on body. Too many decorative moments and excess of details can make an unreadable stain from the tattoo. Therefore, Shturm selects all the details carefully and adds them only in minimum sufficient quantity.