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Piercing bradavek

Nipple piercing

Nipple piercing could be included in the group of intimate piercings, because most often the nipples are hidden by clothing, although they are often visible through t-shirts or blouses, which makes them look more interesting and seductive. The procedure can be performed on healthy nipples of people of all genders, as long as they are large enough to pinch and there are no other contraindications. Nipple piercing is one of the piercings that greatly helps in understanding one's sexuality and raising self-confidence, self-love.


Druhy piercingu bradavek

​Nejčastěji děláme horizontální propich a přizpůsobujeme úhel tvaru prsa, aby to v celku vypadalo hezky, pokud máte chuť a anatomii na něco zajímavého vždycky Vás v tom podpoříme a doporučíme, jak to udělat nejlépe zohledňuje Vaše individuální přání a anatomii​.

​Několik propichu do jedné bradavky  v různých směrech najednou (třeba kříž), jde udělat pouze postupně, nejdřív jeden propich se musí úplně zahojit, pak lze si nechat udělat další​​​.

Šperky do piercingu bradavek

Nipple piercing jewellery

Shape: Various types and shapes of jewelry are used for nipple piercing, but only straight jewelry, either barbells or clickers (like a ring, but this half is straight), is always given during the initial piercing. After healing, rings, shields, etc. can be put there.

The thickness of the jewelry must not be less than 1.6 mm (14ga)

The length during piercing should exceed the length of the nipple by at least 1-2 mm, with larger nipples the swelling is greater, therefore the gap may be larger

Material: high-quality titanium or gold can be used for piercing, bioplastic is also harmless, but it is very flexible, which can contribute to changing the shape of the piercing. There is also safe steel, but you probably won't find it in the Czech Republic.

Cena piercingu bradavek

Nipple piercing price

The price consists of the price of the piercing and the price of the jewelry:

  • Piercing of one nipple: CZK 800

  • Piercing both nipples at once: CZK 1,500

The price + of the jewelry ranges:​

  • in economy class from 250 CZK to several thousand

  • in the premium class from 450 CZK to several thousand


Pain rate

  • 6-7/10


Contraindications and preparation for piercing

Contraindications for nipple piercing include:

  • age under 18 years - increased level of hormones

  • Hepatitis, HIV, diabetes, poor blood clotting

  • Allergic reactions, tendency to form keloid scars, epilepsy

  • Skin diseases such as dermatitis

  • Hormone therapy, oncological diseases

  • Menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding

  • Taking medication or antibiotics (if yes, we need a medical approval from your doctor that you could be pierced)

  • If you have recently had any breast or nipple surgery, you should definitely consult your doctor before deciding to get a nipple piercing. We recommend a time gap of at least 1 year between surgery and piercing.

  • Before piercing, it is advisable to go to the doctor for a preventive screening or mammography.

  • Get some sleep before the procedure, and at least eat a little, put on comfortable, clean clothes, which at the same time would not be a shame to get dirty if a drop of blood got on it, often not a single one appears, but it can happen.

Příprava na piercing

Před zákrokem se vyspěte, a aspoň trochu se najezte, vezmete na sebe pohodlně čistě oblečení, které zároveň by nebyla škoda ušpinit, kdyby se na něj dostala nějaká kapka krve, často ani jedna se neobjeví, ale může se stát.

Proces piercingu bradavek v našem studiu

Nipple piercing process in our studio

1) Upon arrival at the studio, you will fill out the "Consent to the procedure", which, among other things, will contain contraindications before the piercing and its subsequent care. The absence of contraindications and compliance with the care procedure recommended by us is one of the important conditions for successful healing of the piercing

2) Next follows a conversation with the piercer. You will discuss the appropriate placement and the piece of jewelry that we will put on now and, if necessary, that you will wear afterwards.

3) Piercer prepares a workplace. The chosen piece of jewelery together with the needle will be sterilized for approx. 10 min. During that time, you will have the opportunity to ask anything and specify the necessary information

4) After sterilization, the piercer will indicate the final location of the injection, disinfect the skin, and within a few seconds you will have a new piercing

5) After the piercing, the piercer will treat it, take a picture, if you agree, apply a plaster and once again explain the care of the piercing.

In case of any questions, problems or ambiguities, immediately write or call the studio with the note "ASAP piercing" or contact our piercing manager Valeria +420775058766

Hojení, péče a omezení po zákroku

Healing, care and restrictions after the procedure

Nipple piercing takes quite a long time to heal, about 6-9 months. The nipples almost always swell quickly after the piercing and return to their usual size in about 1-2 months. At this point, it is necessary to exchange for a shorter piece of jewelry, otherwise there is a risk of frequent entrapment in the piece of jewelry and subsequent traumatization. Sometimes it needs to be replaced several times during healing, so if you feel that the jewelry is becoming too long and is in the way, you can ask for it to be shortened. When exchanging jewelry for a shorter one, the price of the jewelry is paid according to the current price list, the service is free if it is an initial healing process.

After the nipple piercing procedure, it is important to follow the following restrictions and recommendations:

  1. During the first two months, clean the nipples twice a day with a sterile saline solution or a special piercing care spray. If the nipples start to dry because of this or there is some other similar reaction, it is enough to wash with clean water (filtered or boiled) by first immersing the nipple in water (you can use a clean glass) or wetting it with the help of a spray, wait a little until soften all the husks and then carefully remove them. We do not use any irritants such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial soap, Betadine, Dettol, etc.

  2. For the first few days, we recommend putting clean gauze pads in the bra, which will protect both the underwear and the nipples from getting dirty. If you don't wear a bra, you can cover the nipples with a sterile bandage and only until they bleed, which may not be the case at all. We change both the gauze and the patch at least 2 times a day after the puncture treatment.

  3. For a period of two months, avoid visiting the sauna, solarium, swimming pool, sea and other public water parks.

  4. Do not sleep on your stomach during the entire healing period.

  5. Do not play with the nipples, even during sex, for at least the first 2 months

  6. For the first 7 days after the procedure, avoid exercises that involve work with the pectoral muscles and arms.

  7. Wear a bra that does not press on the nipples and generally avoid any movement, pressure, etc. that would traumatize the piercing channel.


Keep in mind that the initial healing time for a nipple piercing is about 2 months. However, complete healing can take up to 9-12 months. This time may vary depending on individual factors, including your personal hygiene and piercing care.

Zajímavá fakta o piercingu bradavek

Interesting facts about nipple piercings

  • There are no scientific studies that prove the connection between nipple piercings and breast cancer, on the contrary, piercings remind us of the need for regular check-ups

  • After piercing, the nipples may become larger, especially if they are tiny nipples

  • The jewelry in the nipple piercing can change position without your intervention. The reason is the small muscles that lift the nipples

  • Nipple piercings can change their sensitivity

  • If the nipple piercing heals without problems, it has little effect on breastfeeding, only a few milk ducts out of a total of 15-20 are affected

  • When breastfeeding, it is better to remove the piercing and get it pierced again after the end of lactation

Problémy s piercingem bradavek

Nipple piercing problems

As with any other type of intervention on the body, problems from minor to serious can appear after nipple piercing, it is important to contact the studio ASAP as you recognize/feel a problem.

Warning signs can be (individually or in combination):

  • outflow of fluid (pus, lymph)

  • unpleasant smell

  • excessive sensitivity or pain

  • severe swelling

  • erythema - redness or other change in the color of the nipple

  • the piercing and the surrounding skin are hot to the touch

  • formation of bumps, "pimples" near the piercing opening

  • and other unusual and unpleasant symptoms 

If you notice something similar, don't hesitate to contact us. Better safe than sorry.

Nipple piercing gallery

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