Jan Enot

Color Realistic tattoo, Color Portrait Tattoo, Neo-Traditional Tattoo, Watercolor Tattoo, ...

Location & Certification: Prague, Czech republic.

My history of becoming a tattoo artist began about 6 years ago, but my passion for drawing appeared in the 9th grade. It all started with graffiti, the gray walls of my hometown inspired creativity. However, I was faced with a lack of skills for the high-quality implementation of my ideas. I decided to go to an art school, after graduation, I entered an art college, where I received a base of academic drawing and painting.

Interest in the tattoo appeared completely spontaneously. I grew up in a fairly conservative family and could not think of the profession of a tattoo artist. But, once stumbled upon the work of modern, at that time, tattooists, my idea of ​​tattoo has changed. I realized that this is an equally interesting way to implement and interpret ideas.

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Black House Tattoo s.r.o.

Prague 1 - New Town

Opatovicka 160/18