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Who is Nika?

Nika was meant to be an artist before she even born. Few generations of painters and sculptors gave her this special sense of beautiful and incredible world vision with their blood. So now she takes beauty as the sense of being, and happily share it with everyone.

Working in tattoo field since 2010th makes her be experienced with all the specifics of this area, and having a degree in psychology makes her be not just an artist who draws, but a person, who can feel and deeply understand the uniqueness of every single request.


Started with all the possible styles, Nika found herself in colorful watercolors and realistic floral tattoos. Because they allows her to impress herself and create not just a tattoo, but meaningful and personalized piece of art.

We believe, that it’s quite enough just to take a look at her work to see how bright and colorful mind Nika has, and how tender and delicate her tattoos are.
So if you are looking for a tattoo artist, and interested in more, than just a tattoo – no one will feel the brightness of your soul better, than Nika.