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Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Neotraditional tattoo, neo traditional tattoo.

Definitions of Neo-Traditional

As the name suggests, a Neo-Traditional tattoo is an updated sequel to a traditional tattoo that has been worn by people for many centuries. Neo-traditional gave one more life to a classic tattoo, but in a more modern way. Famous religious, marine, floral, and animal motifs began to play with new colors, but left all the best traditional tattoo styles could offer. The distinctive lines, vibrant colors, volume and softness of the vector - this is best described in the “Neo-Traditional” style.

Style history

Origin of this style in the last quarter of the last century. It does not have a specific founder. “Neo-Traditional” is a style born by style. “Neo-traditional” differs from traditional style mainly in color palette and larger image volume. In recent years, in the style of "Neo-traditional" tattoos most often draw animated heroes, what has become another peculiarity. Thanks to color and distinctive image, the tattoo style “Neo-traditional” always looks fresh and up to date.

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