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Tattoo motives

Tattoo tells a story. They contain symbolism and meaning beyond their simple visual exterior, whether intended or not. They are external manifestations of inner conviction. This catalog focuses on symbolism. It's a guide to common patterns, symbols, and motifs in the tattoo world - a way to decode meanings beyond ink.

The world of tattoo and symbolism used in it is incredibly complex, dating back thousands of years and encompassing a huge number of groups, cultures and even civilizations. This dictionary couldn't cover all of this in depth and didn't focus on it. Instead, he selects some of the most common and popular symbols from the world of modern tattoos and the modern world itself, and outlines the often captivating stories behind them.


All the items in this catalog were chosen because they were either internally linked to the tattoo world - for example, traditional naval tattoos or tattoos worn by Japanese criminal gangs known as yakuza - or because their meanings are so rooted in our psyche that they have become part of tattoo vocabulary and are now popular motifs - for example, ancient symbols such as the Ohh Buddhist. Also included are broader terms that explain various common tattoo and artistic styles, many of which also have a symbolic meaning.


The Black House Tattoo Catalog is intended as a source of inspiration and also offers some advice and dedication to the tattoo world. Whether you decide to get a tattoo a moment or have planned it for years, down to the smallest detail, knowing something about what you are about to tattoo will help you - especially when dealing with symbols or iconography that have a deep historical or cultural significance. Tattoo circles are full of stories about people who opt for a kanji tattoo, for example just to find out that through some basic mistakes they are permanently labeled with the word "One Dog" instead of "One Love".


The goal of this catalog is to finally say something about the fascinating history of tattoos and its use in countless cultures over the years. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own tattoo or just interested in rich and diverse stories embedded in this unique art form, we hope this catalog will help you understand the hidden meanings embedded in many tattoos and - perhaps - create your own life story in ink.

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