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Minimalistic tattoo

Small tattoo, mini tattoo, minimalistic tattoo.

What is minimalism?

Minimalism is a direction characterized by natural brevity in the choice of means of expression. No matter what area this style fits, its goal is to create an accurate and simple composition. In that case, the external form will not detract from the substance. Minimalism is primarily an art direction, but has long gone beyond art. This style can be traced in painting, music, architecture, literature, and is also reflected in design, whether it be interior design or clothing.


Tattoo themes in this style are diverse. It seems that the wide choice of themes is limited only by the designer's imagination. The tattoo shows people, birds, animals, celestial bodies, inanimate objects. It is also possible to meet with established symbols such as heart or note. Ornaments are also typical for the minimalist style. Many geometric shapes are tattooed. Minimalist tattoos do not necessarily consist of just one element. In this style, compositions can be made in which each figure is equally significant, or the main character is complemented by explanatory or decorative elements. You don't have to be wrong about the size of a minimalist tattoo. Pictures made in this style are often really very small. However, there are also tattoos that take up much of the body, such as your entire arm or your entire back.

Common elements

Minimalism has certain characteristics that are common to architecture and painting as well as to tattoos. In addition to being brief, it is also monochrome / monochromatic. Tattoos in this style have a limited color palette. Black and white variations are common, but there are others. For such tattoos, tattoo salon clients usually choose dark tones, limited to a maximum of three or four colors. Minimalism is characterized by the use of a limited number of elements. Tattoos in this style are often schematic and simple. Why should we carefully detail every detail needed, for example, as is typical of realism, when we can show the whole essence of the picture with just a few lines? A functional approach is used to create suggestions. That's why we have only the simplest pictures - Mickey Mouse in the shape of a mouse head outline, a dragonfly in the form of a wand with wings, an anchor consisting of a lower arch, a cross and a circle at the end. This style is simple from the point of view of the theme, but the quality of the design depends very much on the practice of the tattoo artist. Minimalism does not allow minor defects such as uneven lines and circles. Larger works also require a tattoo artist to treat graphic editors.

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