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Who is Marvoy?

Marvoy is a classically educated artist with huge experience in black graphics, and commercial and book illustration, which were of her main interests before tattooing. Now she does her artworks on people’s skin with the help of inks and needles.
And can do it with you, of course.


More of that, Marvoy is a young writer, who has already published couple of fantasy books in Russia and gained several literature awards. What does this fact give her as a tattooer? – The ability to “write” a story through the image and then incorporate it into skin. Marvoy believes, that tattoo is not only a decoration, but also a way to tell your own story or capture some important events of life on a body.
Wide erudition, vivid imagination, storytelling talent, soft hands and empathy – those are helping Marvoy to create unique individual sketches for each client.

What else

Also Marvoy is into futurism, mythology, fairy-tales, magic, literature, movies and music; she is good in understanding symbols, signs and cultural codes, so she always enthusiastic about projects connected with these themes.
So if you are looking for somebody who is able to go deep with your ideas and create an image, which can tell your story, Marvoy is definitely the one you need.