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Linework tattoo

Engraving tattoo.

What is Linework

This is the type of graphic or art that works are presented in the final form, as a print on any surface. No exception is human skin, which has been a popular canvas for art for decades. When working in engraving styles, only black is used, there is no black or gray shade instead. This tattoo is different by thoroughly drawing lines, and the sketch looks like a printed image - the work is very clear and easy to understand, the surfaces and relief of the tattoo are perfectly reflected.


This style has a certain technique in mind: the engraving's shadows must be made with commas. They should not be soft and the line should be visible to the naked eye. Often such graphic tattoos confuse with blackwork - because both of these styles come true in black.

Universal style

Engraving (or graphic) tattoos - this is one of the most balanced and stylish types of tattoos. Looks great with any style of clothing, fit the same for men and women. These tattoos seem to have come down from the pages of old books, and the topics can be very diverse.

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