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Celtic tattoo

Celtic Tattoo, Scandinavian Tattoo, Northern Tattoo, Pagan Tattoo.

Patterns style

In addition to the Celtic language spoken by Western European islanders, there is also an idea of Celtic patterns - made up of various curls, spirals and mazes. These forms form the basis of the popular Celtic style. The design of these patterns is quite complex, and is associated with the desire to repeat the creation of ancient Celts and to imitate the diversity of nature. Imaginative connections that have neither beginning nor end reflect the cycles of life and seasons.

Celtic tattoo color

"Celtic" stands out for the special decoration of the work of art, which transmits unique contours of folk ornament that has a recognizable character. The color of these tattoos is usually black, today more and more are adding more colors, but without fanaticism. "Celtic" tattoos look like an ancient puzzle that gives them a special style.

Most common motives

One of the most popular types of tattoos is the Celtic Cross, along with the Celtic bracelets so popular nowadays. A special place in mythology, and therefore in tattoos, has a tree of life - as a symbol of wisdom, understanding of life, good and evil.


Due to the versatile style and quality, they are timeless. Over the years, "Celtic" tattoos have not lost popularity in all parts of the world.

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