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Japanese tattoo

Irezumi tattoo.

Tradition of Japanese tattoo

The tradition of Japanese tattoos is one of the oldest and most important in the world. At least the fact that the Japanese masters' tattoos adorned the body, even the kings, tells of her influence - for example, the English sovereign Edward VII and Russian Tsar Nicholas II made tattoos at the oldest masters of the land of the rising sun. Of course, Japan had a decisive influence on the details of the picture and style. The classic symbolism of Japanese tattoos is the image of traditional and mythological objects: dragon, carp, demons, flowers, and so on. Note the impressive "irezumi" style - such tattoos covering most of the body, and in ancient times were created by needles on long bamboo "tebori", which took up to 200 hours.

Japan vs. Europe

The Japanese themselves believe that at present only they have retained knowledge of the true rules of body decoration. The color, shape, composition and location of the tattoo will traditionally depend on the type of Japanese tattoo. The smooth play of colors and chiaroscuro is also an important component. In Europe, these tattoos are more accepted as the art that came to us from the land of the rising sun, and Japanese masters, irezumi connoisseurs continue to say, "How can you finish a tattoo in a day!"

Popularity in Europe

Now Japanese tattoos not only lose, but gain popularity in the European part of the world's population. This is mainly due to the aesthetic value of Japanese-style paintings. Exciting intertwined characters, animal images and mythical creatures are an unforgettable picture of what a person wears on his body.

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