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Handpoke tattoo

Hand tattoo, hendpouk, stick'n'poke

What is hand tattoo

Hendpouk - is a tattoo method without using a tattoo machine. Works in this format do not contain complicated images, they rarely indicate an abundance of colors, and it is unlikely that hendpouk tattoos will be met in elegant shapes and lines. But despite all these comments, the “handpoke” was, is and will be a popular style in different countries and with different people.

Ancestor style

In terms of history and facts, hendpouk can be called the ancestor of all other styles, it is inextricably linked to the tribal soldering of antiquity. Somewhere in distant countries such tattoos are still done with a bone needle and a stone. In a more progressive world, such a tattoo is made with a tattoo needle, and the magic Thai tattoo "Sak Yant" is still made with a sharpened bamboo stick.

Handpoke today

Sometimes the inconspicuous style of "handpoke" often carries something more for the client. They are not neglected by young tattoos at the beginning of their careers. Lettering, various characters, cartoon characters, smileys and other undemanding pictures - this is the ideal job for hendpoke.

In Black House Tattoo Handpoke tattoos are done mostly by:


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