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Chinese tattoo

Asian tattoo, Chinese tattoo.

Tradition tattoo

The tradition of tattooing in China, as in many Asian countries, is related to the sacred, sometimes mystical sense and function. The Chinese believed that the use of some tattoos depicting mythical creatures and floral ornament would save them when meeting demons.

Origin of tattoo

Initially the traditional method of tattooing in China was part of the customs of the people of the southern nations of China. For example, in a nation called Dulong it was usually tattooed girls' faces, which meant reaching the age of majority. At that time, raids on the village of Dulong were also common among people of hostile ethnic groups. They raped women during the raids, and it is the theory that they applied a tattoo to the face to make them less attractive to the perpetrator. Traditional Chinese characters tattoo are mythical animals, flowers and floral pattern and of course, hieroglify.

Chinese dragon

The world famous symbol "Chinese Dragon" brings a very deep meaning. The dragon's image is the four elements, the four cardinal points and the deterrent power of imperial majesty. Hieroglyphs have a meaning that when applied to the body reflects the worldview and philosophy of its owner. When applying such a tattoo it is necessary to know exactly the meaning of hieroglyph, because in the pursuit of the beauty and originality of Chinese calligraphy you can easily tattoo the name of the sewing machine.

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