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Chicano tattoo

Chicano tattoo, chicane, latin prison tattoo, mexican tattoo.

Origin of style

The style of "chicano" is considered a relatively young style in tattoos. Speaking of style - she is the sister of the style "black & gray". The situation is similar: American prisoners, latinos, sewing needles and the complete absence of any color other than black.

Favorite characters and themes

Well, surely it is the cross, the Virgin Mary, Jesus, money and weapons. All attributes are somewhat similar to Latin American bands in the middle of the last century and have become the embodiment of the "Chicano" tattoo style. Over time, colors, especially red, began to be added to the black and white images. This has added a palette of styles, but its base remains the same - you will not see the fury of colors in that style, it will be concise with inconspicuously placed accents. Perhaps the two defining theme in the style of "Chicano" - religion and women, where the last often drew as scary gloomy beauties. They call these tattoos "Santa Muerte," which can be translated as "Holy Death." Such a tattoo today most easily defines the style of "Chicano", which immediately attracts attention and remains in memory.

Classic Chicano

To this day, the classic "Chicano" tattoo carries distinctive features in the form of thin and fine lines, clean outlines, and a large number of smooth shadows and semi-shades with high contrast. The most famous proponent of this style is the well-known actor Danny Trejo, whose body is decorated not only with the above-mentioned types of paintings, but also with inscriptions that occupy a special place in the Chicano style in the form of promises, prayers and slogans.

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