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Blackwork tattoo

Black tattoo.

What is Blackwork

This is a traditional tattoo style. This tattoo is made with a rich black color, which shows its name. The beauty and aesthetics of simple shapes make Blackwork popular for tattoo lovers. Using intense black in various variations, tattoos mix geometric figures inherited from Polynesians, or paintings on different parts of the body. The most effective tattoo of this style is the tattoo of large areas of the body. One of the reasons for doing such a tattoo is the need to “overlay” the old painting.

Where it is used

Blackwork often combines with other techniques, most commonly with dotwork: a dotted tattoo itself may look good, but may require gradients. In this case, “Blackwork” adds a contrast to the tattoo in combination with “Dotwork”.

Last style

It is necessary to understand that if you choose a tattoo in this style, it will be difficult to overlay it with something. Blackwork practically cannot be removed or covered with another tattoo.

In Black House Tattoo blackwork tattoos mostly:

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