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Biomechanical tattoo

Biomechanics, biomechanic tattoo, biomech, bioorganic tattoo, bioorganics.

Founder of style

Biomechanka is a young artistic style, first appeared in the early 1980s. The ancestor and founder of this style is Hans Rudi Giger - a well-known Swiss artist who drew and realized the world-famous film image "Alien". The name of a tattoo in the style of “Biomechanical Tattoos” speaks for itself. Biomechanical image is a complex intertwining of the body with mechanical.

Human = cyborg

The aim of tattooing “biomechanics” is to create the illusion that in front of you is not a man but a cyborg. Various gears, cables, and complex mechanisms penetrate the skin, revealing the true inner world of the owner of a tattoo “biomechanics”. Often, tattoos who work in this direction not only bring foreign objects to the skin of the client, but also "remove" it to expose the muscles, tendons and nerves that are under the skin.

To create a sense of connection between the human body and mechanics, tattooers make biomechanical tattoos as realistic as possible, using 3D techniques. Such works are really fascinating!

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