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Abstract tattoo

Abstract tattoo, ar-brut tattoo, art brut tattoo or naive art.

Art Brut

“Art Brut” is one of the youngest and most controversial styles. The term "Art Brut" means harsh, raw, unlimited art. It was founded by French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe a collection of paintings and sculptures by non-professional artists. In tattooing, the term "Art Brut" refers to experimental trends and styles that did not fit into another tattoo concept.

Definition of Abstract tattoo

Abstract tattoos are usually made "free hand", which means that tattoos are drawn directly on the human body by hand. It is quite difficult to describe an abstract tattoo style as something uniform; There is no precise definition of Abstaract tattoo style because there are no rules except three - spontaneity, uniqueness and no traditions. Abstraction is something avant-garde, and does not go into any frames. For example, the well-known style of "Trash Polka" is one of the areas of abstract tattoos.

Founder of style

The founder of this tattoo style is the Canadian artist Yann Black, who got tired of the hieroglyphs he was tired of and created his own style. He began making a light, minimalist, flowing line tattoo. Yann Black's tattoos give the impression of drawings of a boy who has imagination and rushes to tell about the world. It embodies this in the form of simple illustrations drawn in pencil. In this style we occasionally immortalize the art of our customers' children :-)

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